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Coffee machines

Good morning! I was so busy yesterday I didn’t have time to go online! What is the world coming to.

So, I bought a little coffee machine for my desk at work and amidst requests from management to do a ‘risk assessment’ and me filling the office with the wonderful coffee smell – I’m rather enjoying it!! But seriously – how ridiculous can you get? Everyone knows coffee is hot, it’s on my desk out of the way and if someone burns themselves it probably serves them right to be honest.


My little machine

For dinner the other night I made egg fried cauliflower rice with pulled cajun chicken thighs and sour cream. Oh and a chunk of feta cheese. It was seriously good.



Yesterday we went food shopping at around half 6 and towards the end of the shop I was so hungry I bought some tiger bread and donuts. AArgghh!! I couldn’t resist! I was so hungry! For dinner we had steak with a fried egg and some, er, bread. Very naughty of me.

One step at a time I suppose.

I was thinking, the question on my blog should be ‘Will I stick to it?’ and not ‘Will it work?’  Dukan definately works. We are all proof to that. All diets are hard to continue with after a certain amount of time and it’s not always the diet to blame, as we give up. But we are humans with hormones and emotions and not robots.

Hmmm, I really need to think about what I want from my food and what food I want to be eating. I would love to not even think about food and just eat when I am hungry (‘oh I havent eaten all day – I didn’t even think about it’) but then the only things available to me would be things I don’t want to eat.

Why is life so hard? Lol – I know, if this is my worst complaint I am very lucky!!

So, how are you all getting on? Much exercise, much good eating??

Today I have: 3x boiled eggs for brekkie, a small steak with a tomato and some salad for lunch. I’m not even going to mention the donut I brought with me…. I hope I forget about it and throw it away when I get home!

Have a good day everyone 🙂


  1. January 11, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    Can you send me the recipe for the cauliflower rice? Sounds yum!
    I keep a zip Baggie with almonds in my bag for grocery shops… Keeps me away from the naughty food 🙂

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