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Hello Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been around this week. I’ve been feeling so stressed out about my business tax exam for my college course and have been revising so much. My car also had its MOT ( in the UK have to have this done on your car every year to say that it is roadworthy)  and failed as there is a massive hole that needs welding. Their quote was £300!! So I paid my mot failure (£55) and drove home. I have 10 days to get it fixed and go back for a re test free of charge.

I started crying at work when I found out but luckily no one noticed. I took a half day to go home and revise so I was glad to get out of there.

What am I going to do about the hole in my car? I have found someone who said they would weld it for £80, which is much more affordable, so I have to take my car to Canterbury over the weekend and then leave it there until after Christmas. I don’t think I’m allowed to drive it now, but I’m just using James’ car instead anyway.

Another option is to scrap the car, it is 19 years old after all. Maybe I could get a newish car on finance?  We’ll see.

Anyway…thats my car troubles.


The exam was yesterday and I feel like a massive weight has come off my shoulders. Unfortunately we don’t get the results for 6 weeks, but I feel so good that it’s over – I just hope this exam is over forever and that I don’t need to re take it.

SO, I’m feeling much better today.

Now, food wise I was very good. I got nice and drunk at my Christmas do last Saturday, but I didn’t eat any wheat. Then Sunday, hangover day I had some gluten free bread and pate (better than wheat!). All this week I have done pretty well. Then on Tuesday I was so hungry and had to go out and had nothing with me so ended up having a wispa gold AND a mars bar. And a few cigarettes.

Man! Yesterday while I was studying I had a few slices of wheat free bread and I was so hungry and saw James normal bread and then had 2 slices of that too. It didn’t actually taste as good as I remembered. For dinner my brother (he has come to visit with his girlfriend) made a chick pea and green bean salad. It was really good, although it’s no wheat it was still carby. I now have lots of wind (lovely) hee hee. You realise how little wind you get on a low carb diet until you eat some carbs again!

So today, I start off well, go to work with my flaxseed bread and an apple etc. Then there are hundreds of cakes in the canteen. Sod it I thought, I’ve already been bad. So to conclude my ridiculous story, I had two cakes for breakfast this morning.

The best thing I’ve learnt through dukan etc, is to get back on it and not have a week long binge.

So that is what I will do. I have stomach ache now which is maybe helping me want to be good.

Damn my hunger. I have been sooo hungry all week. I wonder if it was the stress.

Hope you’ve all had a good week and on the upside, its 5 days til Christmas. Or 1 day til the end of the world. (I reallllly hope not!)

Haha!! Have a great day!!!

  1. December 20, 2012 at 4:55 pm

    Sending a destressing hug 🙂 I’d say get a newer car, keep up the wheat free and I know you’ve passed your test… you always stress and then do just fine 😀 xoxo

  2. December 21, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    Shannon glad to hear that you have the weight of the exam off you, I’m sure you did well…
    I’m a hater of debt, so if you can fix up the car for 80 then start saving for another car that might be a good choice as long as the current car only needs that one fix. Good luck w/ that…cars are always a pain in one way or the other.
    Merry Christmas to you and James.

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