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Step into Elfmas…step into elfmas

Nur nur nur nur nur nur nurNUR nur nur nur and ever!

Dontcha just love Christmas music? I’m slightly obsessed.

Scales battery has come back to life, and this morning I weighed a reasonable 10 stone 9lbs.

For dinner last night I made a meatloaf with broccoli and tomatoes in it. yum!

Here are a few pics from our trip to Paris.


Us at the Louvre


Our Boudoir


Me and mona lisa, I didn’t even really look at it properly I was too busy taking pictures  oops!


A ceiling in the Louvre – that was what I was interested in most to be honest, I don’t really understand art unless I think it’s a pretty picture. Ignorant hmm.


Errr a not so dukan lunch of croque monsieur and a baguette (shared half and half)


Eiffel Tower at night


6 euro 80 cents glass of 25cl wine, who said Paris was expensive? It was so delicious though, chablis. I’ll have to see if I can afford to buy some!

Brrr it’s freezing here today. I’ve woken up with a really painful right shoulder blade and every time I do something with my left arm it reallllly hurts. 😦 I think I may have slept on it funny or something.

Right well its my morning break, I am going to have some flaxseed bread with cheese, and shock horror, my first apple in almost a year!! it will probably give me a bit of a sugar spike but I think it should be ok. 

Shouldn’t it?

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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