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Just another manic Wednesday

Good afternoon.

My weight has gone down a little, still in the low 150’s but getting there.

Last night I was starving and just couldn’t stop eating. I made some flaxseed bread which I had with pate, then cooked some chicken thighs (had to de skin and de bone – yuk) and then resorted to eating loads of Terry’s chocolate orange segments. I only just realised today that I ate some of the crispy ones which obvs contain wheat! I wasn’t thinking. Plus I shouldn’t have been eating chocolate anyway!

I need to get past the ‘starving – want wheat filled foods’ and then I should be ok.

Today I had: flaxseed bread with some cheese, omelette for lunch with one of the chicken thighs leftovers, yoghurt for later and lots of water.

I love the flaxseed bread, it has got a nutty flavour to it and I love that is sooo low carb! Does anyone know the recommended amount of servings per day?

 On the subject of wheat, people I know seem so against me doing it. (I don’t think anyone I know reads my blog – yeah thanks- so they won’t even know!)

‘You’re on holiday’ ‘oh forget all that silly rubbish’ ‘your stupid diet’ (roll of eyes from them) ‘what on earth do you eat’ (Im’ still working on saying more than ‘errrm’) ‘I’m not paying for your wheat free crap’ (cheers – what about all the money we save on not buying all the rubbish?)

I keep caving in every time I go out for a meal, I’ll eat anything anyone gives me (apart from at work – I am strong there – this must be some weird psychological move where I’ve lectured them so much haha)  and even when I am doing my best, the bastards at the restaurants will give me croutons in the salad with garlic bread.

I need to control myself obviously – it’s just hard. When I’m at home I can usually do the right thing .

This weekend is elfmas (yaya!!! finally!) and then on Saturday is my work Christmas do. I ordered mushrooms, turkey and chocolate torte. If I leave the gravy, stuffing, parnsips (allow myself a little potato??) and leave dessert? How does that sound?? I could always swap dessert for a cheese plate with no crackers if I’m sober enough…..

I will try and we shall see!

Since I have not been diagnosed by a doctor of having coeliac disease or even gluten sensitivity, people feel the right to roll their eyes and scoff.  The reason is that I have not been tested. I think the Drs are crap and as I said I’ve never felt healthier, I would rather take the risk of leaving out grains and wheat.

(A year ago I’m ashamed to say I might have been one of those people. I might not have scoffed, but I certainly would have thought about some people just being awkward. But these certain people are generally awkward so maybe that’s not entirely my fault.)

 WELL…. I found some other blogs today, mostly about allergy sufferers. I can really relate to their eczema stories. I’m so glad mine hasn’t been bad for a while. If you are interested their blogs are:



Have a good day, I need to do some work!! 🙂

Ps thanks for your comment guys, I need to drill it into my head!!

  1. December 12, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    Sending you some energy for strength to say NO to the bad stuff xoxo

    • December 13, 2012 at 9:49 am

      Thanks, I got it!!

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