299 days

Yikes, its day 300 tomorrow!

Good morning…

Last night we did a bit of food shopping and James wanted to get a sports game for the Xbox kinect. We were out for 1.5 hours and on the way home he said he was starving and let’s get fish and chips. ‘You’ve been saying you wanted some fish’.

Yes, I have. I’m sorry to recount that I caved in and had fish and chips.

Afterwards, I felt bad. Why oh why? I could have said no, but at the time it really did seem as though I had no choice.

I also ate some cashews and peanuts (seriously obsessed with nuts at the moment)

We played sports games for a couple of hours its was really fun. I beat him 5-1 HAHAH!!

This morning I overslept and shot up out of bed like the exorcist at 7.30…..I have to leave at 7.45. Dress, brush teeth… make up or food? Both, sod it…leave at 7.52 get there just in time..

I must must sort my life out and get up earlier.

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thanks Flamidwyfe for letting me know it was yesterday! Mmm yummy roast dinner. We are famous for having roast dinners every Sunday in England, though it’s not the law. (lol)

Did you Americans enjoy your dinner? Were you good or did you cheat?

My brother is married to a girl from Seattle and they live there so I’m sure they had a yummsy dinner.

I work for an American company so it’s annoying that we had to work yesterday here in the UK. But we get Boxing Day off and they don’t so I suppose it evens out.

A few people have invited me out for drinks tonight but I was strong and said no. So if I am not drinking, I have to MAKE SURE I also don’t start overeating or eating wrong foods or I may as well have gone out for a drink!!!

So our tree is up, we have the kinect…err what else do I need to do? Ahh yes study.

I looked at a mock exam in bed but it wasn’t really the ideal place so I went to sleep. But I can assure you if not tonight (hopefully tonight though) I will at some point this weekend do the mock exam… I PROMISE!!

 Thanks for reading everyone..have a great day and weekend and be good!

  1. November 24, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    Getting ready to sit at the table for Thanksgiving now. Because of Tiffany giving birth we are having it a couple of days later. How was your roast??
    p.s. I plan on being a good girl 🙂

    • November 26, 2012 at 8:06 am

      Hope you had a good meal!

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