Day 297

Good morning everyone!!

You will be pleased to hear that I was good yesterday. I went to college, well I forced myself to go after trying to talk myself out of it all day. …anyway, and when I got home James had made me 2 homemade burgers! He didn’t make any bread or chips to accompany mine so I was glad about that.

Today I had 2 scrambled eggs with a bit of ham for breakfast, for lunch I have some dukan bread with chicken slices, low fat yoghurt and a left over burger.

That should be enough.

College has been cancelled tonight (YESSSS!!) so I might put the Christmas tree up!!  It is bad though that they cancelled our lesson tonight as our exam is in 4 weeks and I don’t know half of it yet! So I must MUST force myself to do some revision after work, even for an hour.

I will put a reminder in my phone….DONE

So that’s all really…weight is back to 151, 10.11 & 68.5. Frustrating when you put weight back on isn’t it?

If I could just get to 138-139lbs then I wouldn’t mind gaining a few lbs on that and being that weight for a while.

I suppose you could call it a mini goal: lose 10 lbs.

I have no plans this weekend – so I will NOT DRINK or eat rubbish.

James wants to buy a kinect for the xbox so maybe I can do a bit of exercise on that…haha!

So long 😉



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