Day 296

Good morning!

Twilight was really good! I took a pepsi max (all aspartamed out now) and I had some dark chocolate which I had melted into a round thing with peanut butter in the middle. Not the healthiest – or worst- thing I could have eaten, but seriously yummy! So I didn’t buy or eat any other treats.

In a bit of a bad mood as some people at work are really effing me off today…..

Apart from that, all is well. Weight is down a little.

Today I ate: 2 egg omelette with cheese and ham for breakfast, then some leftover chicken, mushroom and onion which I made last night using coconut oil. It tasted sooo good!

I also had some gluten free crackers with a bit of hummus… I know its bad!! Is it a goodish bad?  These are the little things I need to cut out.

I also made 3 days worth of dukan bread so had some of that with some chicken too.

I must keep on being prepared and have foods ready to eat that I can eat, or think of easy meals to make so I don’t end up really hungry and grab the first thing I see.

Its only Tuesday… how depressing! I don’t have any plans this weekend so I am going to sort out all my insurances, car, home and mortgage etc as they all run out at some point this month!

Our rip off 2 year fixed deal also ends so I am looking forward to dropping our payments and going onto the low variable rate.

Yay, I am really sad and love talking about  mortgages and mortgage rates….haha!!

I drive an old banger so I am going to look for the cheapest car insurance I can find.  It is very reliable though, I’ve had it three years and its year 1993 so maybe I’ll throw it a 20th birthday party next year lol.

I’ve just started reading ‘The girl with the dragon tattoo’. My sister lent it to me and said I had to read it.

Am thinking of starting a blog about my pet peeves so I can rant!

I did start my wedding blog, but haven’t had much time to update it.

If you wanted to take a sneaky peak:

(that’s a mouthful!)

Having just re read my post today, its all a bit random! Enjoy!

  1. November 21, 2012 at 1:01 am

    Random is fun 🙂

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