Day 295

Good morning!

I saw a note in my diary that states that Saturday this week will be 300 days on Dukan. Or should I say since I started Dukan.

Unfortunately even my fridge signs didn’t stop me this weekend. I was doing really well until my salad arrived at the restaurant on Friday night and it had croutons and some garlic bread slices. Hmmm. Dammit I couldn’t resist, and then since I’d already been bad I had a slice of my sister’s pizza. The next day I had a ‘I don’t care’ attitude and ate 4 slices of toast and a dominos pizza. Woooops. Big fat woops. (but a delicious woops)

Surprisingly it didn’t make me feel awful, health wise. Sunday I was torn. I really wanted some toast and stared at the bread. Then I pulled myself together and made dukan bread.

For dinner I made a roast and invited my sister and her family of 3 kids & hubby over. They make me laugh so much. They are 6, 3 & 2. The 2 year old, Bella just says ‘ Cat’ constantly. When I asked if she wanted a drink she said ‘yes peese’ So cute!

They brought an apple pie and custard with them. So I ended up having parsnips, roast potatoes and gravy and apple pie and custard.  Quite naughty.

Well, let me tell you, I am PAYING for it. Wow. My weight is a big fat shocker and I am so disappointed.

Serves me right, maybe I needed a wake up call since all my previous cheating would melt off quite quickly.

Constance is absolutely right in her recent blog where she mentioned that she started letting herself  have lots of things not allowed which eventually you forget you shouldn’t really be having at all.

So, today, I am going to be 100% Dukan. I made an omelette this morning which I will eat for lunch. Breakfast is dukan bread with some chicken and for a snack I have fat free yoghurt and some low fat sausage.

That’s it! I am going to try to have up to 5 days PP, but won’t beat myself up if I do have some veg.

I am going to the cinema tonight to see Twilight – I MUST  BE GOOD.

I will take a sugar free drink and make sure I’m stuffed after dinner so I don’t eat anything else.

Well, I guess my confession is over. I was bad but I hope to do some good.

Compared to some things people are going through putting on a few lbs is trivial so I am grateful for that.

I bought a murder mystery game on Amazon. Its called The brie, The bullet and The black cat. We are going to play it Christmas day, I can’t wait!!

So, have a good day, stop cheating everyone and let’s get slim and healthy for Christmas!!!


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