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I started reading this blog yesterday and found a lot of it interesting. I don’t understand everything he says about enzymes etc but I get the gist, and the gist is very interesting……oh I already said that!!

Earlier on I was on my break at work and I had some Matteson sausage in the fridge, you can eat it hot or cold and its convenient for me to have one at hand sometimes if I run out of food and am hungry. I don’t like to eat too much processed food but sometimes its the best thing available to me.

Anyway….a guy saw me take it out the fridge and said ‘I thought you were on a diet’

‘Yeah’  I said.

He laughed and said ‘then why are you eating that, its full of fat’

So I said that fat is actually not the enemy, sugar is. He said ‘ yeah but what does sugar turn into in your body?’ I was a bit perplexed and said ‘err sugar?’

‘Exactly’ he said.

I said fat doesn’t turn into fat in your body you know but he just laughed. ‘Seriously, carbohydrates turn into glucose in your blood which is sugar, sugar is just sugar and fat is a different fat to what ‘fat’ y0u have on your body.’

I hope I explained it right, but to be honest it doesn’t matter as he was just laughing at me anyway.

Then I said he may as well eat a snickers for breakfast as its got less sugar than 2 slices of whole wheat toast.

That sentence basically confirmed I am insane with my ‘silly diet’ and so I walked away.

I wish they would bring this to people’s attention, honestly.


No one listens or believes you anyway…….

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