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Funday Monday

Not! Haha, who actually likes Mondays? In truth, I don’t mind them because they always seem to go fast.

Well, Saturday night I went out and got ridiculously drunk and can’t even remember coming home. Luckily I was with friends so they got me home ok. I don’t think I was in too bad a state, I probably knew what I was doing at the time…

Meh. Well, who am I trying to convince? I hate not remembering things, it’s quite scary. So no more wine!! I like to have a couple of glasses then switch to something lighter, but for some reason that didn’t happen.

It was a fun night though and it’s only the going home part I don’t remember.

Of course, I felt like crap all day yesterday, had a McDonald’s and then ….sigh a Dominos. Naughty naughty Shannon.

ugh. Feel yucky today, my weight wasnt too bad considering, 10.10 and I did email Constance this week….

My ankles are killing me, probably where I could barely walk in my 5 inch heels (but they are amazing!!)

So, the story continues…. I had a feeling of the beginnings of cystitis again this morning, you girls all know what usually happens before you get this so I wont go into the details. Anyway, I was wondering, it always seems to happen when I have been drinking. SO maybe my immune system is down from the alcohol and then I more than likely will eat wheat because I’m ridiculous and starving. Perhaps there is a link to the wheat?? Cranberry juice is saving me from hell anyway.

So that’s my silly weekend story. I hope you all had a good weekend!


  1. November 12, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    It’s all about finding your control and hanging on to it. I totally think its about the wheat. In fact, I think you could probably eat anything but wheat and lose the weight and then maintain. I think the occasional glass of wine is fine, but trading one bad habit for another seems to be a big problem for people who have lost a lot of weight (there was a study a couple years ago about the rate of alcoholism in people who had gastric bypass, higher than the average population.

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