Good morning. I’m feeling a little bit better today. Last night I got in and had a mental fight with myself while I made some soup in the slow cooker.

Good me: ‘Go to college, you have to’ ‘

Bad me: ‘No I hate it’

Good me: ‘You need to learn it, you’ve paid a lot for this course.’

Bad me: ‘I don’t understand any of it’ (pouty lips)

Good me: ‘Even more reason to go.’

Chop chop chop, put all the veg in the slow cooker and force on my shoes and get myself out the door. Good me: 1, Bad me: 0.

(bad me probably plotting revenge)

Well, I am glad I went to college, because it was another hard lesson on Basis Periods (yeah I know….why am I studying to be an accountant again?)

I have a lot of studying to do and will try to so some more this weekend. In the last minute of the lesson I kind of understood it. The teacher is running an extra lesson on it again next week so I may go to that just to make sure I do understand it.

I’m sorry, isn’t this blog titled shannsdukandiet? hahah! yes yes. I’m still doing it, just a few hiccups.

On a good note, James agreed that we should try to save and maybe get married next December!! Woohoo! I know we can do it! And even more reason to lose weight! I definately don’t want to put any of the weight I have lost so far back on, but at the same time I can’t stop eating crap!! Not a lot of it, just a bit 1 minute a day. I will endeavour to do better!!

I am going to do some juicing this weekend to get some nutrients inside me as I definately want to avoid being sick this winter, especially because I really can’t take any time off work as will get in lots of trouble!!

So, leaving on a happier note….. Brad Pitt it shooting a film 1 minute away from where I work……sob. I cant believe he is so close, yet so far. Although I’m not sure I have forgiven him yet for leaving my ‘best friend’ Jennifer Aniston….




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