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bad mood!

Good avo! I’m in a bad mood. 


I’ve been eating rubbish the last few days, I just can’t help it. I’m feeling crappy now too, I didn’t go to college last night and can’t motivate myself to do anything.

Think I’m just having a bad day. Or week.

This cheered me up a little, I watched it yesterday it had me in stitches.


Or type ‘edward and bella bad lip reading’ into youtube. Its hilarious! Especially the ‘cake’ bit.

Well, cheer up Shannon! Hope you’re all having a good week.


  1. November 7, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    Hey Shannon, I just had a thought…a dear friend of mine had a very very difficult time losing weight b/c she kept falling off the wagon so to speak. She found a group called Overeaters Anonymous, and bang, it works like a charm for her 65# lost and not a struggle. At first I thought it was a bit over the top to say you are powerless over food, but seeing her results has convinced me that the program has real validity….just something to think about. Not sure if there are groups in your area, but worth checking out….I know that when she travels (a lot) she uses the online support system, so at least check out the virtual OA.
    One thing I know that she reports is that it gave her tools to stop beating herself up when/if she did slip up. 🙂

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