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Trick or Treat

Morning, I just had to check it was Thursday and it is. Phew!

I went to bed at 8.30 last night I was so tired. But not after eating at least 20 ‘Heroes’ (mini fudge, mini caramel, mini twirl). So Stupid!

I heard a little tap on the door just after I got in, and peeked around to see a little kid in a skeleton outfit. I quickly routed through the cupboard, but couldn’t find any sweets or chocolate. NONE. (pat on back) I felt so bad, so when James got home we went to Tesco and bought a tin of ‘Heroes’.

By that time I was starving, tired, cold. SO I opened the tin and ate them non stop for about 5 minutes. So yummy…..but dammit!! Why!!!

Then I made dinner; chicken, onions, mushrooms, sausage, tin of tomatoes, mange tout and some spices. It was really good, but I wasn’t that hungry. I gave James a little pasta with his.

No more bingeing. I’ve got my ‘code red’ and its killing me at the moment, so it was a moment of weakness. I don’t usually crack during the week – heaven hold out for what I might do this weekend! I best get my baking shoes on and make some oat bran treats asap.

But on the good side, my weight is the same as yesterday.

I bought some ‘Mrs Crimbles’ from Holland & Barrett, it’s a new gluten free brand. I got some crackers and some cheesy bites. They are my emergency carbs when I need a snack. Like today, I’ve brought some slices of low fat cheese and a few crackers. Is today an emergency? Haha. You know I’ll eat them all til they are no more!!

Well, have a good one!!


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