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Woeful wednesday….just kidding!


My weight has jumped up slightly but I had soup for dinner and it’s ‘that time’.

I made the broccoli and cheddar soup (maybe the cheese didn’t help either) from the dukanitout website.

I’m really into my soups lately and have just been making them up as I go along so it was nice to follow a recipe. I wasnt sure on exactly how big a ‘cup’ was so didn’t follow it exactly, plus my measuring jug was used for decorating last weekend so I refuse to use it in the kitchen now (grrrr).

I added mushrooms and chicken to the mix, and have some left overs for today. I boiled the chicken in a frying pan with a few inches of water. It came out really good, I’ve never boiled chicken breast before. I also couldn’t blitz it all down so tried to use a masher. ha ha.


heart shaped mushroom

I hope everyone affected by storm Sandy is safe and well. It looks pretty scary over there.

Saw half  a rainbow on the way to work and then found the other half peeking out of a cloud!! Beautiful sight in the morning!

Have a good day!

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