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terrific tuesday?

Goood Moooorning!!

Very pleased today, I am down 1 whole pound!!! Woohoo!

Last night I went to my sisters to watch her 3 kids while she went to get my mum some shopping. My mum lives in France and they are going to visit tomorrow.  They are also going to Disney Paris – the kids don’t know yet!

When I got home the house smelt yummy and I thought ‘yay, dinner is ready’ only to find out he had made himself a puff pastry thing with cheese and stuff. I was so annoyed. For a few seconds I almost thought ‘sod it, I’ll just eat it’ but then stopped myself. I made a dukan pizza instead and gave half to James, who wasnt hungry. Felt like killing him so went upstairs to eat in the bedroom. I think I may have PMT lol. At least I have pizza for lunch today – I’ve never had it the day after so I hope it tastes just as good!

The only bad thing I had was a biscuit my sister and the kids made. Only 1 biscuit!!  I must stop though or I will start thinking – I still lose weight when I eat rubbish – and then will be wondering why I am not losing weight! Doh!

I brought my college book to work today, I must read it in my breaks instead of the John Grisham I am currently reading……..

Have a good day!!!

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