Hello everyone,

Sorry I didn’t write last week much. I felt a bit ill all week and dizzy and have been eating whatever I wanted too. I haven’t gone mental, but I’ve had a snickers and some biscuits and some bread too. I definately didn’t stuff my face,  surprisingly.

Let me tell you something; I am sick of Dukan. I know I know. It does work but 8 months later I am constantly having one day where I go rogue and drink and then put the weight back on.

I miss fruit too.

I could just stick with it for another couple of months and get to my goal weight but I cant do it right now.

Sooo, don’t dispair!! I am not going back to ‘normal’ eating. I have decided to go on a wheat free diet and eat full fat, so lets be honest its not going to be all that much different.

I will treat myself to a bit of fruit every now and again. Thinking of it as a healthy eating for life might bust my brain and body into thinking ‘whats going on’ and maybe I will lose some weight.

So, I need to re-evaluate and make sure I don’t eat wheat when I’m drunk or hungover, (cut down my drinking too) eat good fats like cheese etc and just eat more veg too.

I also need to tell myself why I’m doing it and that wheat is bad for me, its not about eating yummy baguette, its about not feeling like crap when I do.

I am wondering if I’m feeling crap because Ive been eating what I want for the last 2 weeks, and ate what I wanted last week because I felt crap? Catch 22……

So, no more naughtiness. I decided that this morning when I looked at the coco pops. (actually I don’t know if there is wheat in them, but there is definately sugar in them!)

This morning I had 2 scrambled eggs, I have a sausage and chicken salad for lunch and salami for a snack.

Haha. See, exactly the same diet, I just feel mentally better by thinking I am on a wheat free diet!

Have a great day! You don’t wanna know what I weigh…its still under 150lbs though so its not drastic!


  1. October 8, 2012 at 1:23 pm

    somehow ‘liked’ my own blog! haha love myself or what!

  2. Sue
    October 9, 2012 at 6:30 am

    I tried wheat free and added a bit of coconut oil and cheese with a few nuts…..and didn’t lose an ounce in 2+ weeks, back to the drawing board then! Hope it works better for you, Sue

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