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I jiggled about on the scales this morning and it went up 2 oz dammit!! lol.

So I’m the same as yesterday (apart from the jiggle gain) which isn’t bad.

I think I am actually starting to like running. I always thought I liked it before but actually I hated doing it. The feeling afterwards was great but the actual running was hell.

Now, it’s still hell now but I quite like the feeling just before I can’t go on anymore – then I push myself a few more steps. And I know my body is getting healthy. And I’ll lose weight.

I just ate some pancakes for breakfast. Yum Yum. I added a tablespoon of whey protein to the recipe, it really fluffs it out- and some sweetener. MMM they were delicious.

Everyone at college last night was eating crisps and chocolate and sandwiches… wasnt hard (apart from when I saw someone eating a Drifter, my favourite chocolate bar!) I just drank my water.

When I got home, James had cooked up the mince beef that was going out of date and made loads of burgers!! Lovely, was so full when I went to bed.

3 more days of work until my holiday!!!!!! Woo hoooo…….

Have a good one!!


  1. September 19, 2012 at 1:31 pm

    Hang in there Shannon…you can do this!

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