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Tuesday already!

Good morning, morning, morning!!

So it’s just been our August bank holiday here in the UK, so most people get Monday off work! Yay!

Felt like I had a busy weekend, visiting friends and family, doing a little gardening and putting some things on ebay.

My weight:

Sat: 10.6, 66.2, 146.0

Sun: 10.5, 65.8, 145.0.

Mon: 10.5, 65.7, 144.8

today: 10.7, 66.9, 147.4.

SOoooo, I got down to 10.5!!! Amazing!! I’d written in my diary ‘goal – 10.6’.

I didn’t drink until Sunday night and we couldn’t afford to go out so we had a few drinks at home. James was very busy all weekend doing the courtyard and garden. He knocked down two concrete coal bunkers, dug out some new steps to the garden and bricked up the old steps. He is a busy bee!!!


Looking good!

Food wise, I was very good. I didn’t have anything I wasn’t allowed, which was pretty hard yesterday as we went to my sisters for lunch and she’d bought some amazing baguette from Waitrose. We went out for a breakfast Sunday morning and I gave James my hash brown and toast and I didnt eat the baked beans – 😦 but I was glad. He said ‘oh just eat it’ but I didn’t want to. Well I did want to LOL but I knew I shouldn’t.

Phew! SO now its Tuesday, I’m back at work but luckily its a nice short week!!

Enjoy your day all! 🙂

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