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Bank holiday weekend = challenge

Good morning! My weight is the same as Wednesday’s, 10.7, 66.5 & 146.6. This is 1 oz off my lowest in July.

I didn’t do any exercise yesterday as we went food shopping, but we went for a long 45 fast walk on Wednesday night which was lovely. I showed James the path I had found straight down to the beach.I also did 15 minutes of weights.

I set my alarm for 6am (so I could go for a run) and as you can guess I snoozed it until 7.15 when I had to rush around to get ready for work! I had a dream that I had to get to work and I was late and ended up on a boat to Calais. I often have dreams like this, when I know I have to be doing something I dream about not being able to get there. It was quite amusing though. Whilst in the dream, I realized my ex was at a stag do on the boat and was convinced I’d followed him. As if!!

I think I dreamt this as once after my ex and I broke up, I was in the pub with my friend and I found out after that I was standing near his new girlfriend and he told everyone I was standing there on purpose and had followed him to the pub. How pathetic, is all I can say. I didn’t even know what his new girlfriend looked like. Good luck to them – they are probably going to be very unhappy as he is a control freak and dictator!


I am going to have to go for a run when I get home – boo. And do weights. And do exercise tomorrow too. Hopefully I will get up early and do it before the day starts.

I’ve decided no drinking tonight as want to get up early tomorrow, and no drinking Saturday either as want to get cracking on the garden. I will go out for a drink on Sunday as it’s a bank holiday on Monday!!!

So that’s the plan. Food wise, same old same old. I did have an organic greek yoghurt with coconut and it was sooo delicious. It wasn’t low fat though. Oops!

Have a great weekend everyone!!! Hope its sunny wherever you are 🙂

  1. August 24, 2012 at 11:45 am

    I love my snooze button, too!
    I hope you have a lovely long weekend! And don’t worry about the yogurt not being low fat, dairy is a good fat 🙂

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