Morning fellow dukaneers!!

Do you want to know what I love about dukan? No calorie counting. It’s so demoralizing and makes you obsessive about food and what’s in it. Now I can concentrate on, yes what’s in it to make sure it’s quality food and just eating however much I like from the food list! Much better than thinking ‘ if I have one chocolate muffin, then maybe I can just have lettuce for dinner’ or whatever. You know what I mean. It never works.

Another thing I’m starting to believe is that calories, as a whole, don’t matter. It matters what type of calories we consume. I believe in full fat. I believe we should get most of our carbs from vegetables.

Although dukan doesn’t advertise all these types of things, it’s definately the best diet I’ve come across if you need to lose weight. Following the final Dukan stage or just simply staying away from sugars and carbs will keep the weight off.  And yes, you will stay alive without bread pasta and cakes!

Sorry, I think I’m just getting inspired haha!!

My friend has been following Weight Watchers and had lost some weight for her wedding. She is now pregnant and wanted to continue following it to stay healthy and they have told her she isn’t allowed to come to the meetings anymore! Isn’t that terrible?

She just wants to have a healthy lifestyle and they’ve said no.

I just checked out their website and it says that it is ‘An integrated and flexible approach emphasising satisfying and healthy eating based on the most up to date science’.

I don’t quite agree that they are using the most up to date science!!! Plus if it’s all about healthy eating then why can’t a pregnant person join in?

It does say on their website that if you are pregnant you can’t follow their plan. I suppose its to protect themselves but still! This world has gone mad!

As usual it’s not actually about helping people, it’s about CYA (cover your ass) and make as much money as possible in the process.

Anyway, I thought I would have dropped a couple of pounds by now. It has gone down 600g so I guess that’s good enough.  I now weigh 10.8, 148.2 & 67.2.

I went out last night to Folk Week but I was driving so no alcohol for me! It was a fun night, I went home at 10.30 though. I was really tempted to leave the car and have a few drinks but when I woke up this morning I was SOOOO glad I didn’t have a hangover!!

A girl we met thought I was 18/19 haha!! When I said I was 31 she said ‘you’re joking right?’ Dont you love young people?!!

So today foodwise: B: 2 boiled eggs, L: 3 slices of ham, a chicken breast S: yoghurt and another egg and more yoghurt.

Thanks for the advice people (Sandi)  – its hard to remember what you can and can’t have on attack.

Have a great day!!

  1. August 16, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    You’re welcome… I KNOW you’re going to get to that goal soon and we’ll dance the Consolidation dance together… Woot!!

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