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The pattern continues

Good morning!!

It’s Monday morning again, back to work. Back to losing those couple of pounds I put on magically overnight.

James bought some Toffee Crumble from bookers (a wholesale place like costco) and I just couldn’t resist yesterday and had 5 handfulls. I really annoy myself by doing this kind of stuff every week. I also bought the kids some strawberry laces and little mushroom shaped sweets. Then I ate a few of those too.  😦

I drank a few ciders on Saturday night too which obviously don’t help.

Going for a run tonight and I don’t have any plans now for a few weeks so hopefully no drinking and no treats!! Preparation is the key and I need to get some dukan friendly ‘treats’ ready so that I have an option before turning to the bad stuff.

I have noticed though, if there is crap in the house I usually eat it. I’m ok with seeing the bread and crisps, I can resist those. But sweets seem to call me – I think – we’ll I’ll just have one…..

My weight jumped all over the place this weekend from 10.6 – 10.9. Stupid scales…

If I can control myself for 2 weeks maybe I can get down to 10.4 or something.

Today I have: yoghurt for breakfast (low fat one) and a salad for lunch (no mayo or oil)  and then more yoghurt. I didn’t bring much with me because I guess I kind of wanted to punish myself. But it is enough to get me through until I get home.

Then I can make something with the oat bran, maybe some fajita wraps.

I was quite good though apart from the rubbish I ate, I made a dukan pizza last night for dinner and had scrambled eggs with bacon and mushrooms for lunch.

Have a great day all!

  1. August 13, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    I don’t have cookies or candy (or other temptations) I like around the house, it’s just too difficult to say no! That means that my kids also don’t get cookies or candy etc. at home. Thankfully I am in charge and can tell them not at home. Might not work with a spouse though…

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