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Good morning all!!

For dinner last night we had a home made burger and I had salad with it. After dinner I really wanted something else and kind of walked around the kitchen looking.

So I decided to make some dukan safe vanilla muffins. Phew! Disaster averted.  I was dying for some chocolate but said to myself ‘STOP IT!’

I’m so glad I was good. I’m down a lb and back on my way to a better weight and a healthier life. This is probably something I should remind myself, it’s not only about being thin, I want to be healthy too. (and thin….)

I made a salad last night as I’m always almost late for work when I’m preparing my lunch in the morning.

Naughty me. For breakfast I have 3 slices of ham with some lighter cream cheese and a thin slice of lighter hard cheese. I also bought some low fat yoghurt. I will switch back to normal when I get to my goal weight.

For lunch is the salad, and I have 2 small muffins for later.

Yay Im saved!!!! Seriously though, if I can go without baguette in France, I should be able to stay on Dukan at home.

I’m halfway through reading all my ‘Shopaholic’ books again. They are my absolute favourite! (by Sophie Kinsella) In the past some people have sneered at me (even family members) and think I’m so uneducated and stupid for reading chick lit. I love these books, why would I read something I don’t enjoy? Im not at school!! Bastards! It’s so judgemental of them. Just because they read classics or political books all day does not make them better than me.  It winds me up that people can be so snobby and mean.

But hey, they are missing out on the best books ever!!! I enjoy other stuff too. I love Sarah Rayne and John Grisham and Lisa Jewell.

What are your favourite reads? (don’t you just love how we branch off into a different rant – nothing to do with dukan haha!!)


  1. August 8, 2012 at 9:49 am

    Good for you getting back on track 🙂

    I read James Patterson, Chelsea Cain, john Grisham and many others. Reading is suppose to be enjoyable 🙂

  2. August 9, 2012 at 3:25 am

    Not saying that this is one of my favorite reads, but one everybody is talking about. Have you read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy? I read the first, but not sure if I will continue the series. One to talk about with the girls for sure!

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