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Goodbye sickness!

Well hello! I’m back!

I ended up having a whole week off (signed off by doctors) and getting antibiotics.

I really lost my appetite all last week too and was only having breakfast or lunch and dinner. Back to work yesterday booo!

Luckily I’m getting paid for my sick leave or I would be in trouble!

I got down to 10.5, but then ate 2 sandwiches over the weekend and a burger and have somehow put on 5 lbs. Not sure how this has happened! I used to eat a sandwich every day. Does this mean I used to put on 2 lbs a week from eating bread LOL!

Who know. My body is punishing me anyway! And my stomach was hurting a bit after so I don’t know why I did it twice!

Naughty me. I’m sure it will drop off again in the next few days.

College is finished for the summer which is great! I’m going out for a few drinks with the college girls on Friday. I might drive – that way I won’t drink and it will save me money on taxis.

Well, I have no work to do because I was so efficient yesterday so I’m gonna get back on and read all your blogs!!

Thanks for all the get well wishes!! 🙂


  1. July 31, 2012 at 8:36 am

    So glad you’re feeling better! xoxo

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