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yay friday!!

Hello! Typical british summer. Its raining. Sincerely hope it won’t rain tomorrow for our festival! Although we will be wearing wellies so shouldn’t matter as long as it’s not cold.

Last night I made some ‘dukan cereal’ and also ‘biscotti’.

WOW!! The biscotti is sooo good! This picture does not do it justice.


Thank you Julee for your great recipe! The cereal recipe is from this site:


I didn’t add the low fat cocoa powder to the cereal, though I will next time seeing how amazing the biscotti tasted!

For the biscotti recipe, I didn’t have any ginger and I had to use 6 tablespoons of milk to get it to the right consistency.

MMMMM yummy!

Last night I said we should eat more fish, so at the supermarket we had a look at the fish counter. For two massive slabs of salmon it only cost £4.50. It tasted so good and fresh. I cooked it on the skin side on a low heat and had pepper and some lemon juice on top. A-mazing!

Well, I can’t contain how excited I am about tomorrow……YAY!!!(Lounge on the Farm)

My weight is sticking around the 67 kg mark. I seriously need to do some exercise! 

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog, I have now had over 5000 views! Woohoo!!

My friends boyfriend is in a band called Rosco Levee and he has just released his first CD. I haven’t heard much of it yet but it sounds good so far, I’ve just ordered myself a copy. Take a look!

Have a great weekend, I might have some drunken shennanigan pictures to show you next week haha (I know – not very dukan!)





  1. July 6, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    You are so great at making yourself the proper kind of snacks Shannon! Way to go.

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