My weight has gone up again. Hmm. Surely it can’t still be from having a drink last weekend?

I have had a salad every day this week for lunch, could it be the extra water?

Ok, my plan, this weekend (amongst all the drinking I’m going to be doing at Lounge on the farm – hic ) have a protein only day on Saturday which means bringing all my own food. (Well, I’m sure I’d have to bring my own food anyway!)  Then a PV day Sunday (I think I’ll need the hydration and vitamins from the veg!) and then maybe a few days of PP to get me going.

I have also been eating full fat yoghurt and cheese for the past two weeks. I was still losing but now I’m wondering if I should go back to fat-free/low-fat just while I’m wanting to lose weight.

We’ll see. Going shopping tonight so will see whats about!

Not so angry today.  Had an exam last night, which I passed!! yay! one more to go!

We are dressing up as farmers on Saturday for the hen do, so I think I will be wearing my new wellies   a blue playsuit with tights and a checked shirt over the top tied into a knot at the front. My sister Faith has lent me a straw hat too! The playsuit is nice and baggy too. We are smuggling in some booze so we don’t have to spend too much so need to hide it around my body haha!!!! One website suggested getting a box of wine, taking the bag out the box and taping it to your body lol. Imagine if it burst haha that would be hilarious!


love them!

SO, enjoy your day!! be good food wise say no to treats!

(someone has just brought in a giant box of jelly sweets…..)NOOOOO

  1. July 6, 2012 at 1:44 am

    Ironically, it might be the fact that you’ve had salad every day for lunch! Gotta get those PP days in 🙂 Additionally, I find if I’m going to add some fat in (even on Consolidation) that it should be on days that are light on carbs… balances it all out.
    I did about 30 minutes of meditation before walking to work this morning, hoping my anger subsides… it’s so yucky having that energy! Glad yours is better!!!

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