Quite a successful weekend! My weight varied from 10.7 – 10.6 and now back to 10.8.

I knew it would go up today though as I had a drink on Saturday  night.

Foodwise I was ok, I ate the rest of the ‘diet’ biscuits I bought in France ( I know I know) so at least they are gone now. I also made some oat bran biscuits (though I used 6 tablespoons of milk – to 2 as per the recipe)  I am still eating full fat cheese and yoghurt and Im still losing weight. It tastes soo much nicer!

I made a little roast dinner yesterday and gave James 2 roast potatoes which cut up into about 6 pieces. He gave me a couple of them. They were amazing! I love potato and miss it! I used fry light and not oil so I think they were a bit healthier. First potato I’ve had for 6 months! And probably the first one James has had too, bless him.

He’s decided to cut out rubbish and fizzy drinks and has been drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. Normally he would hardly drink anything except energy drinks. He has lost about 5 lbs already.

He doesn’t need to lose weight but he wants to be a bit trimmer for our holiday in September. Plus he can feel the benefits of being properly hydrated and is enjoying it!

Wasn’t able to post every day last week, was so busy at work and had an exam too. Which I passed by the way!! Woo hoo!! Only two more to go this year!

I love how my clothes all fit so much better.  I didn’t reach my last two mini goals, but hey, I’m still getting there slowly.

I haven’t done any proper exercise for 3 weeks now. I know, very bad! I will try to have a run tonight, get me back in the game. I do need to study though…. excuses heeheeh!!!

: )



  1. July 3, 2012 at 10:09 pm

    Congrats on your good weekend!

    I always HATED potatoes, I never could stand them, since losing the weight though I find I CRAVE them like no tomorrow! It’s actually pretty crazy, I’m in love with baked potato now!

    I absolutely feel the difference now that I am drinking a lot of water, good on him! Continue with the hard work!

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