Morning!! Sooo, I’m up a few hundred grams.  Bummer! I did eat some ‘diet’ biscuits I bought in France. Naughty me! There is fructose in them and some raisins and they tasted good so I should have known they probably weren’t good for me!

And they were in a pack of 5 biscuits. I couldn’t not eat all of them.

Ah well. Onwards we go! Last night I had sausages and 2 fried eggs for dinner. Strange that I believe in fat being good for you, yet I still use my george foreman grilling machine.  The truth is I don’t like fat on meat, I never have. Unless its burnt to a crisp. And I do feel good when I see the fat dripping into the little tray.

Any thoughts anyone? Is this still a healthier way to cook?

Today I have had: B: Full fat greek yoghurt with a dusting of oat bran clusters (nearing the end of the box – sob) for Lunch I have: salad with cheese, chicken, cucumber and tomatoes.

Who knows about dinner! I have college tonight, tomorrow and then an exam on Thursday. I didn’t go to college last week, I just couldn’t face it. I felt low and un motivated. Now I’m thinking ‘oh crap’ about my exam. Lots of revision to come the next few nights then!

It ‘totm’ or code red, whatever you want to call it so hopefully the weight will fall off next week lol!

Here’s some yoghurts I bought in France too, they don’t sell lemon flavour over here in the UK yet.


I made this last week sometime, can’t remember if I posted about it and can’t be bothered to check  😉

omelette with bacon and cheese

Using two eggs I made two really thin omelette and then put some bacon and cheese in it and rolled it up. Kinda like a wrap and tasted amazing!

I’m trying to type with my arms not touching my desk while I’m working. Its making them ache so I hope it’s toning them a little at least.

Sunday night I booked a holiday to Spain. It’s a Villa with a private pool! I cannot wait! It will be me, James, my sister Stanzi and her boyfriend Kieron. Now we just need to figure out who gets the double room and who gets the twin……..

LOL. I’m trying to exercise my right as being older and engaged (that’s also the only exercise I’ve done in the last two week oops!) but I don’t think she’ll fall for it.

So at least I have a holiday to look forward to and also a date to get thinner by…. September here I come!!

Have a good day all!!  🙂



  1. June 27, 2012 at 9:04 am

    Hi – no worries about the Facebook thing 🙂 About the Villa – are you sure the beds in the twin room can’t be made into a king? Often this is the case. The place we are staying at in Rome has twin rooms like this.

  2. June 27, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    Hey sweetie, I nominated you for The Kreativ Blogger Award! 🙂


    AKA Dukan Dietress

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