Well hello!

Had a pretty good weekend. Didn’t eat anything I wasn’t allowed, but did drink a few glasses of wine.

I have switched to full fat yoghurt for a week and will most likely allow myself to eat butter if I want to and full fat cheese.

I tried the yoghurt on Friday night and it was so much nicer than the fat free one I’ve been buying. It’s thicker, creamier and doesn’t need as much sweetener. The fat content was more, the calories were more but the carb content was less and there was no added sugar.

(sorry dukanites – if I’m making your mouth water!)

Did some gardening yesterday, these are some of the pretty flowers (or weeds) that are growing on the wall.

I also encountered 2 giant spiders that would have covered my entire palm! Yikes!

Yuck! I don’t like spiders!

I was also bitten on my arm by a mozzie:


I made some dukan scones over the weekend too. They were nice, though didn’t rise very much. Will find the recipe and post it on here.

Today I had: 2 scrambled eggs and a slice of ham (B) savoury dukan bread, ham and tomatoes for lunch. I have an oat bran bar (bought from dukan shop online)  for later.

I am almost out of the bars now and don’t want to fork out for more, so will be searching for a recipe now!

My weight is 10.9, 67.5 & 148.8. Same weight two days in a row!

It’s slightly higher than my low at my birthday, I’m looking forward to a new low hopefully this week!



  1. soniadukandiet
    June 18, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    We’ve had such weird spiders this year! Massive with bright green bodies! Freaky…. and don’t get me started on mosquito’s, I hate them with a passion! LOL.
    Great weigh in Shannon! Glad you had a good weekend, sounds like you’re going a little Paleo/Primal to me!!! 😉 I’ve been reading up on them too, there are some great blogs out there. Don’t tell but I’ve been eating full fat cheese! That Weight Watchers stuff I was buying is just nasty!
    What greek yoghurt do you buy? I’ve been getting FAGE but its expensive and was wondering if there was a nicer cheaper one?!? LOL.
    Have a good day xoxo

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