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Day 137!

Morning! Today I’m back to 10.10, 150.0 lbs & 68.0 kilos!

See, my body obviously didn’t want to hold onto those extra few lbs!

I was pretty hungry yesterday but didn’t eat anything I wasn’t allowed. Oh, although I did have a wheat free tiny chocolate wafer bar…its wheat free, gluten free etc but has got a little sugar in it. Hell, I was at college!!

I forgive myself!

For dinner I had a 2 egg omelette with ham and low fat cheese and then some fat free yoghurt with a sprinkle of oat bran clusters (dukan cereal) Tasted a bit like a crumble. Very tasty!

Was hungry when I got home and felt bored. Looked longingly at the bread and then got my head down and wrote a few letters to my mum n granny.

Today I have:  2 eggs to scramble in microwave with a little ham

Lunch: savoury dukan bread (exactly half of all the ingredients to get one days worth of oat bran) with ham and cheese, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. I might even make a sandwich!!

I like to double toast it, once as soon as I’ve made it and then again before I eat it, other wise it would end up a soggy mess!

I found this website yesterday through wheat belly it’s an informative site with tons of recipes (not 100% dukan but maybe for those going onto paleo etc)


I can’t stop reading it!!

Have a great day!!

Confessions: I have had a few diet cokes lately and some sugar free aspartame based chewing gum. I will limit my fizzy drinks to maybe a couple at the weekend. Hopefully I will find an alternate fizzy drink I can have as a treat so I can try to cut aspartame out again!

PS. There is a documentary on in the UK tonight, BBC2 at 9pm. It’s called ‘The men who made us fat’.


Should be an interesting watch.

  1. June 14, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    Here in the states, they sell a beverage called “zevia” it is a carbonated beverage with the traditional cola,rootbeer, etc. flavors, however, it is made/sweetened w/ stevia. We use it a treat once in a great while for dd. It satisfies her ‘be a normal kid thing’ (even though the ‘normal’ kids are eating crap)….
    Congrats on your pre-holiday weight.

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