It’s wet and rainy here in England and getting colder. It’s supposed to be summer in 9 days! Last week was rubbish weather too, I really wanted to go down the beach and do loads of gardening. Turned out I only did some gardening on Sunday haha, but we did get a load done and put some grass seed down on another patch that we cleared of weeds.

Last night I made the kofte and tzatziki from Ponderosity 

I’ve never made this before, nor tasted tzatziki but it turned out ok. I will need to buy some better seasoning as only had mixed herbs which didnt taste of much. James said it looked like Mr Hanky (the christmas poo…)

On my week off I decided to see if I could be a carpenter or not…

I’ve always been interesting in carpentry though haven’t the foggiest what to do. It was actually a shelf kit so not that much skill involved, but I’ve never used a saw before either. Lots of firsts last week haha!

James said he wouldn’t help me and I’d have to do it on my own, but then I caught him watching me squeak his saw while cutting the end off as they were too long to fit in the built in cupboard. He ended up putting them in for me, probably because he felt like he knew what to do and I err, didn’t.

I’m very pleased with them though and can’t wait for another project. I’ve always wanted a window seat and can see myself looking at it once I’ve (miraculously) made it.  😉

Anyway, yesterday I was good until I bought some crispy chicken again. I’ve spoken about this delicious msg crispy kind of battered chicken before. It’s delicious and I’m addicted. I admit it. Will do my best not to buy it again.

From now on I will think ‘ Is this 100 % Dukan’ before eating it, or buying it for that matter. And if I am on my way to caving ‘ Do you want to be fat or thin’ (this one is said in a more angry voice! I need to tell myself off)

And that’s the new plan.

I made some savoury dukan bread this morning, using half measures for everything to get my oat bran allowance in. It came out well and is so quick to make. I made it this morning before I left for work.


Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, 2 slices of ham, dukan bread.

Lunch: cucumber, cherry tomatoes, err 1 crispy chicken (it’s the last one I promise!) some processed pork thing and a small chunk of low-fat cheese.

The good news is I’m down about 1.5 lbs from yesterday ( I kind of ignored my scales yesterday and didn’t write it down) so I’m on my way back to thin-nes!

Nothing else to report! 🙂

  1. June 12, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    nice shelves! Best to just not have that crispy chicken it seems.

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