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Good morning! Not feeling so tired today, but my neck is hurting again. moan moan moan!

Only two more days until my week off!!! Yipeee!

Didn’t have a work out last night, but will be doing one tonight.

Weight was up a few oz & grams this morning. Looks like I won’t make my mini goal of 10.7 by Sunday, but hey it’s only 3 lbs away!!

Had oat bran clusters for breakfast again. I do love cereal!! The amount you get when you weigh out 30g is pitiful, but it has been keeping me full to be honest! For lunch I have a melange of a few pork slices, some ham, low fat cheese, cucumber and oat bran bread. Pretty thirsty today, (I’m sure its the cereal) so drinking lots of water. It is very hot here too, been gorgeous all week.

College was ok last night. On Tuesday I got a fit of giggles and could not stop laughing for about 5 minutes.  The teacher had made up an exercise and the names of the people were Rolo and Simba. One girl said ‘ I can see you sitting there eating rolo’s’ and I added ‘watching Lion King’ and we were off. Three of us were hysterical. Quietly hysterical is the worst!! And it makes it funnier when you know you really must stop laughing!!

There isn’t long left on this years course, thank ****** (insert any word) and am really looking forward to getting my last three exams over with. Then it all begins again next year with Level 4 AAT. Ugh. And expensive.

Still waiting to hear from a job I applied for at a school as a Finance Officer. I REALLY WANNIT!!!!

Right, well I must get on. Lots of work to do. And I need to ring my Pops as he is in hospital again in France. He is diabetic and his blood readings were bad so the doctor said he has to go in to be checked out.  I hope he is eating well, as this is the cause as far as I’m concerned. They are probably feeding him carbs galore in the hospital. 😦

Love ya and leave ya!


  1. dukanforti
    June 1, 2012 at 3:36 am

    I hope your Pops is okay :-/

    What are you going to school for?

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