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Day 80

Morning everyone! I just wrote a blog and then it disappeared!! GRR.

Thanks for all your welcome back messages!! I shall be reading your blogs when I get a chance later on!

I didn’t weigh myself this morning as I ate chocolate last night, a bit of  a binge! I don’t know what happened but I was mentally starving and had to eat three, yes three, caramel eggs left over from easter.

Nevermind, I’m hoping that it’s got it out of me. Annoying that its gonna take longer to get all the sugar out of my system now 😦

Had a great time in Brussels even though it rained non stop. Our hotel was very grand with chandeliers and cute posh sofas! The bar had a domed ceiling which was painted as a cloudy sky, very beautiful! We only had a drink in the bar once while our room was being cleaned. I chose the cheapest thing on the menu, a 5 euro coffee!! Ridiculous prices for alcohol and even soft drinks! But hey, it was posh!

There was no public transport from the minute we arrived until the day we left due to strikes, luckily we were right near the Grand Place and walked everywhere. Walked past my old house, which was a bit of a walk but it was sunny some of that day and wasn’t too cold.

Also went to the Museum of natural science which houses dinosaurs n stuff. (other wise they’d be homeless haha!)

It was nice to come home and start cracking on the garden which is basically a jungle.


Here’s a before and after picture, most of which has been burnt in a bonfire now. Can’t believe how different the trees look without all the ivy choking it!

Today I will be eating oat bran bread, fish, boiled eggs and some chicken!

Well, I’d better get on, see you all soon!! Have a great day 🙂

  1. April 18, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    k…I thought I just posted…me an the internet two peas from different planets.
    Your garden looks like my berry patch…Things always look a mess in spring. That is why spring cleaning was invented 🙂 What do you plan to grow in your garden this year?

  2. April 18, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    I have nominated your blog for a Sunshine Award Please stop by oceannah.wordpress.com for details about collecting your award. It’s simple, not a gimmick, you just pay it forward to other blogs.  Have a great day!

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