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Another naughty day – AARGH!!

Good morning.

Ok, I’ll come straight out with it. I had a slice of chocolate cake at my sister’s house. But to be fair, it was only a tiny thin piece and it was homemade.

There. It’s out.  It was a compulsion that I couldn’t hold back on. Actually a compulsion I didn’t want to hold back on. It was like I wanted to sabotage myself, who knows, but either way, I didn’t stop myself.

Now, I don’t know if this was a coincidence or not, but the eczema on my face flared up within an hour and was even worse when I got out of the shower ( this does always happen though after showering, if it’s there already)

My whole right side of my cheek was red and blotchy and looked horrible. So of course I put the strong cream on it that you’re not allowed to use on your face, and this morning it is more or less gone. After having pretty good skin for a while, I just couldn’t handle having a red face again.

So, coincidence or not, was it the chocolate and biscuits the day before, or the cake? I do still eat wheat nearly everyday with my oat & wheat bran bread so it can’t be that can it? Either way, I want to stay away from sugar.

I will see how my eczema goes in Brussels, after probably consuming beer (wheat) and cakes (refined flour & sugar) and treats (sugar). Haha!!

If I put on more than a kilo I will be unhappy. Might be better to allow for 2 kilos, sob! Hopefully the walking will counteract the eating…..

I also get twitches in my face and feelings of numbness in my shoulder-blade. I went to docs a few years ago, saw a neurologist, had a MRI bla bla bla blood tests galore and they found nothing.

One doctor said it could be a symptom of anxiety, as I also sometimes get sharp pains in my back and side when I breathe in and was given an anti-inflammatory which helped at the time, but I still get all of these symptoms every so often.

The twitch on my face is the most annoying, it’s not so much a twitch as a pulsation. You can actually see the skin inflate and then go down again, and sometimes it twitches very slightly and very fast. It on my right cheek, on my cheekbone, and its like someone is pumping air into a one inch section of my cheek, and then deflating it. I can also see a bit on my face that is always raised which I don’t have on the other side of my face.

Weird, but no one I’ve seen gives a crap and people are starting to think I’m a hypochondriac.

I do get other twitches, like my middle finger will move to the left and kind of ‘stick’ and various other pulsations. (RSI?) 

I’m a walking twitch, and I used to joke that I’m just a vocal tick away from Tourette’s syndrome. I’ve given up scaring myself by googling my symptoms, but you would be surprised how many people have twitches and no one knows why, and never get answers from their doctors.

I don’t know why I brought all of this up to be honest, maybe it’s wheat related, but I won’t be able to really tell until I give it up completely.

On another note, I used to joke that I was a medical marvel as could eat barely any calories on a low-calorie diet and not lose any weight. Once I had the flu and didn’t eat for a week and didn’t lose even a pound. I’m starting to believe that low calorie diets do not work as it’s not simply what your input and output are, or that fat people are just lazy and have no willpower. It is more than that.

Last night I watched ‘fat head’ by Tom Naughton on youtube, it’s about 1.5 hours long but gives a lot of information about ‘fats’ and ‘refined carbs & sugar’ and how we’ve basically been lied to about how fats are bad etc. Very interesting watch.

Also been reading Lynda’s blog http://achangeoflife.blogspot.com/ which explains a lot about high fat/ low carb diets.

To break up my depressing blog, I’ve included a picture of me (chubby one in stripey dress) with my sister Faith and 2 of my brothers Jeremiah and Jude, taken May 2011 in Madrid.  I was going to include a picture of my blotchy twitchy cheek but the pics came out horrid lol

Enjoy your day/night everyone!!

  1. April 5, 2012 at 12:39 am

    Shannon I wonder if you might consider having acupuncture? I used to have a twitch in my left eye that drove me batty. I went to the TCM for acupuncture and within two visits it was gone…worth a try. Also one of my dear friends suffers from terrible eczema and for her giving up sugar entirely made all the difference in the world. She went from having her hands (where it flared up worst) looking like red/raw claws to having normal skin/hands. I hope at least it’s not too painful while it heals up.
    Maybe try a mini attack phase for the next 2-3 days to bust out of the naughty zone 🙂 I know you can do it.

    • April 5, 2012 at 8:21 am

      Thanks Anna,

      I will look into acupuncture, would be worth a try. My eczema has got better, and I hope its not just because the weather is getting nicer and that my diet is really helping.
      I think I will try to do a few PP days. 🙂

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