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naughty day


Was hard to wake up today, really do love my bed. Weigh 400g more than yesterday, but the difference seems massive on the scale. 70.2, 11.1 compared to yesterdays 69.8.

Well, I did think last night ‘I’m gonna weigh more tomorrow’  and then I woke up feeling quite light.

Last night I had quesedillas. Have not had these for a long time, but I did make them dukan style!

Oat bran wraps from http://dukanitout.com/category/oat-bran-2/page/16/

I made the wraps with the above oat bran recipe, fried off the mince with some red onion, mushrooms and fajita seasoning (oops?) some low fat cheese and then had low fat creme fraiche, well a LOT of creme fraiche. It was sooo yummy, and James loved them too. Couldn’t flip them over like I normally would but still, amazing!

The oat bran wraps were really light and fluffy too.

So, naughty No 1:  I had too much oat bran yesterday.

I may have mentioned I bought a juicer. After dinner I had a juice with 4 small carrots, a few cherry toms a bit of celery and more or less a whole cucumber.

Tasted really good, and then I added a small teaspoon of splenda. Mmm it brought out the sweetness of the carrot!

James made one with 2 green apples, strawberries and raspberries. had a tiny sip – oh my – it was heaven. Can’t wait for the next phase so I can have one!

Naughty 2: quite a lot of veg, even for a PV day. (had some rocket salad with my lunch too)

Then, well I must have been having a hungry day or something, I don’t know, but all of a sudden I wanted, needed something more.

I went to the fridge and found two choc oat bran muffins left (see Naughty 1), made myself a nice cup of tea and then broke of a chunk of Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate (6 pieces to be exact) and put that in the bowl too.

I pretended it wasn’ there for a bit, but then I wolfed it down.  And then I ate two of James bourbon biscuits too….

Naughty 3: choc and 2 biscuits.

Oh well, I really couldn’t help myself even though I was trying to tell myself ‘come on, stop it, you’re going away soon and will be eating yummy stuff there’

It’s over, I feel fine, psychologically I’m ok too haha!!  TOM just finished so I also convinced myself I was low on iron and needed the chocolate lol.

There you go. Having a PP day today, and could just be carrying extra water from the veg, we’ll see!

Have a great day!


  1. April 3, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    Hey Shannon your honesty about the oops is what really matters I think. Hopping back on the wagon today is another great step.

  2. April 4, 2012 at 8:43 am

    Hi – thanks for the comment on my blog. I know exactly what you mean about eating “fat”… I come from the age of low fat everything!! I was bought up on butter and fat though and I can’t remember any really fat people back then. I don’t eat loads of fat but always use either butter, coconut oil or olive olive oil when I do need fat. I don’t eat any sugar though and don’t think I ever will again.

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