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60 days later

Well good morning!! I cannot believe I’ve been doing this for 60 days already!

Looking back at my weight diary I’ve been going up and down for weeks, and today I’m finally getting back to where I was last Saturday!!

This morning’s weight: 11.2 (hovered on 11.1!) 155.6, 70.6.

Pretty chuffed with that, only .1 kg or .2 lbs more!! Made James watch the Hungry for Change with me, he rolled his eyes at some of it and said the only thing he’s taking away from it is to introduce more of the good stuff and this will automatically eliminate the bad stuff. He did mention buying a juicer though so maybe he was listening more than he made out!!!!

‘I accept myself right now’ (crap was that it, I can’t remember the whole sentence!) Oh oh unconditionally…. phew

Right, well once again I’ve run out of bread and nearly out of boiled eggs, hardly anything in the fridge!! argh!!  Should have made some last night but had to study for my spreadsheets exam tonight, which I’m not looking forward to at all. 😦  I don’t have excel (apart from the hotmail skydrive version which I was using) I don’t use it at work, and the lessons started at 5pm. Since I finish work at 5pm about 6 miles away its safe to say I missed at least half of the lesson each week. Thank you crappy college for your terrible organisation.

And breathe. At least there is the Easter holiday from college to look forward to, no college for two weeks!! Yay!! And I’m going on a mini-break to Brussels for 3 nights with James!!! Haven’t been since I was 16 (lived there from age 8-13) so will be fun to explore and walk past my old house!!!

It is gonna be hell not to eat stuff on the trip though, I think I might allow myself one meal a day to eat what I like (within reason) and try to be good the rest of the time. Oh but the cakes there are sooo good.  (insert sobbing face)

There are boule de berlin (custard filled amazing donut) number 8’s, an 8 shaped egg custard thing and the strawberry tarts are out of this world. And brioche, stay away from the brioche…..

Haha, let’s see how I do!!

Last night I had tuna steak topped with pepper and some parsley with asparagus and salad and spring onion. Very nice! Today I have 2 boiled eggs for breakfast, the last of my home made oat bran bread, some ham slices and a slice of low fat chedder.

See ya!

  1. March 29, 2012 at 10:01 am

    I went to Brussels a few times while I was living in London and I totally relate to the yummy food dilemma you face. I remember the pancakes with apple rings, vanilla ice-cream and maple syrup, oh yeah and the waffles. Gee it will be tough 4 days but so much fun, particularly going past the house you lived in as a child – that will be cool!

    Your Tuna steak sounds delish!

  2. March 29, 2012 at 11:09 am

    Brussels is lovely, but my favorite town in Belgium is Bruges… Gorgeous! Have a fab time, you deserve a rest! xoxo

  3. March 29, 2012 at 1:05 pm

    I Love you globally traveled women! For me Brussels = sprouts 🙂 Good luck on your test tonight Shannon. I like your idea of planned/controlled non-Dukan meals once per day. In the big picture, 4 meals will not make much difference I should think. Having a holiday is about taking a break after all. Happy 60th day!

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