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Day 50

Good morning all.

You may be wondering about the jump in days… heehee. Well, I checked my diary and from January 30th when I started, it’s now 50 days. So looks like I’m going to make a great accountant lol!

So, you may have seen my Saturday blog, I lost, 1.8 lbs! Yay!

Sunday I weighed in at 11.3, 71.2 & 157.4, down 0.8 lbs! This is the lowest I think!

Went for a lovely long walk yesterday with some of my nieces and my nephew. Lovely weather, sunny and almost warm when there was no wind! I had a boiled egg and some chicken before I left. Then later on in the evening I made a prawn stir fry with jumbo prawns, courgette, mushrooms, leafy greens sliced into thin strips, red pepper and some lazy chilli and garlic. I don’t eat prawns very often so felt a bit apprehensive about killing us with food poisoning!

Turned out great though! Although my fiance James ate the prawns and none of the veg.

Ended up eating a couple of sausages later on with a slice of oat bran bread and a couple of muffins and vanilla yoghurt. Really wanted to eat something and kept eyeing up the rolls James has bought himself in the morning. They looked so amazing….but kept on the straight and narrow and  resisted.

Also I didn’t drink any alcohol this weekend!

This morning I was back up a fraction of a lb, think I am on the border of 11.3/11.4.

Can’t wait to get down to 11.2! It annoying in one way, as a couple of years ago I went to 11 stone, which was  my all time heaviest and I lost a stone after a lot of hard work at the gym and now I’m back to square one and that’s after losing a stone. But at least I’m heading in the right direction eh.

Today I will be eating: Boiled eggs x 2, chicken slices and a bit of low-fat cheese, oat bran bread and yoghurt.

Have a lovely day everyone, only a week until the clocks change (UK)


  1. March 19, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    Looks YummY! I was reading something last night that talked about how to program the subconscious mind for success. It spoke of using present tense, and not reinforcing old thoughts. So to heck w/ the 11 stone gal, you are LOSING weight…today. 🙂 Good work!

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