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Day 37 Still Cruising

Today I weighed less than 160 lbs!! (OK so now you know)

Lost about 0.6lbs. Felt quite fat last night even after a protein day and was sure the scale would say I was heavier again, but I’m not!!

Today is a protein only day again. Last night I had to go straight to college after work and had a bit of bread and chicken with me. When I got home I looked at the easter eggs and then ate some turkey. Told myself I’d have one at the weekend but now I’m trying to talk myself out of it. I read a lot of blogs yesterday and some people were naughty and some people weren’t but all still lost weight in the end. Need to get this out of my head, you really shouldn’t plan to eat chocolate!!

I will make some Dukan chocolate cake instead! Sorted!

It’s still early (8.46 am) and I’m at work enjoying a cup of tea while I erm, write my blog. No wonder my bosses hate me lol!

Right, until later!

(12.41) So, just had lunch (oat bran bread with some chicken slices and a chunk of lighter cheese) another cup of tea and another 500ml of water. Had 1.5 litres today, very thirsty but the water is also going right through me and I need a wee constantly.

Gets me away from my desk and walking I suppose.

Eww a tiny fly is in my tea. Gross!


  1. March 7, 2012 at 9:12 am

    Is it nearly Easter? I swear, living in non-Christian countries, you are so out of the loop about these things! Turkey sounds yum… I’ve made 2 since I’ve been in China, but they are an un-Godly price!
    What recipe are you using for the Dukan chocolate cake??

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