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Days 34 – 36


My weekend went well (apart from a few drinks Friday) and it was very hard on Saturday night not to eat any of the easter eggs that are in the cupboard. But I did resist.

Had fish for dinner Friday, oat bran bread with chicken slices etc on Saturday. It’s amazing how quickly you forget as I can’t actually remember what I had for dinner!

Sunday I woke up and the scales revealed that I have lost 1 stone! Woohoo! Only 2 more to go….

Eggs and bacon for brunch Sunday and then my fiance got himself a chinese so I had a couple of chicken balls ( took off the batter) and ordered myself some spicy chilli chicken. It came in a sort of crispy light coating but not quite the deep fried batter you get with chicken balls, so ate that! Was very hard to throw away all the rice he didn’t eat as I love egg fried rice!

Last night I had eggs and bacon again as couldn’t think of anything to make, with some green pepper.

Today, Tuesday, I have gone up half a pound but I didn’t do any exercise yesterday. Onwards and upwards (or downwards!)

 Today I have the usual oat bran bread with chicken slices, vanilla yoghurt and 2 boiled eggs for breakfast. I made a fresh loaf last night.

Am going to do a couple of protein only days and then a couple of veg and protein days. I haven’t really been taking advantage of the veg days, as all I had yesterday was a couple of *cheery* tomatoes, some lettuce and rocket and a bit of pepper with dinner. Need to eat more veg on those days.

So, total weight loss: 1 stone!!!

Last night I put on some jeans that I bought not long ago because all my other clothes were getting uncomfortable. They were really baggy!! So happy! 

They are a size 14 (UK) and I’m so glad. I don’t dare try on some things that I bought and wouldn’t fit (probably H&M stupid sizes..) that are a 12, but if they fit it would boost my confidence a bit. We’ll see.

I’ve just worked out how to add a blogroll, so can access my fave blogs easier now!

*haha dont want to correct this typo.

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