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Day 32! Cruising on the Cruise phase

La La LA!!!

I have finally lost some weight! 1.1 lbs from  the lowest I weighed last Thursday. It’s taken me a week to get back on track from last weekend. What a nightmare! I will have to remember this tomorrow when I think, ‘oh but it’s the weekend’.

Did exercise on Monday night, but really couldn’t the last two days mainly because of college. I will have to do some tonight and over the weekend too.

I bought some skimmed milk powder and eggs on the way home from work so was able to make another loaf of bread when I got in.


I’ve decided its best to use the smaller tin as you get higher slices.

My breakfast: 2 boiled eggs

Lunch: homemade bread, chicken slices, cherry tomatoes, rocket salad.

Today is a Protein/vegetable day, the last couple of days I have done protein only to kick-start the weight loss again.

Looking forward to filling up on veggies tonight!

Speak to you all later (9.06am)

15.30: What a warm afternoon. Shame I’m in the office all day. 

I had a disciplinary at work today as caught a lot of colds and the flu over the winter and had to take some sick leave. It’s like being smacked for sneezing.

I’m not getting paid for sick leave so of course I would rather be healthy and be paid. I hate my job very much.

Very annoyed at the moment but I haven’t eaten anything I’m not allowed so that’s one good thing.

Any Accounting jobs going in/near Ramsgate Kent? Please help me! 🙂

For dinner I had homemade burgers cooked on the george foreman (let the fat out!) salad and a fried egg. Was delicious!


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