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Day 31

Good Afternoon!

Last night after college, I was so tired I could barely speak. I indeed didn’t think about food (except when someone next to me pulled out some biscuits – drool) as we were revising and it was all IMPOSSIBLE! How on earth I have been studying this all year and now a week before the exam I suddenly do not know any of it.

Luckily, everyone in my class feels the same, so we’re all in the same boat. (For any Heroes fans out there – maybe the Haitan erased our memories….)

SO, this morning, I weigh almost back to where I was before I put on the 2lbs, so my total loss is approx 7lbs. Not too bad really is it?

I had 2 boiled eggs for breakfast, oat bran bread with chicken slices and a muffin for lunch.

Unfortunately, I have run out of my bread and my muffins at the same time, and am very low on oat bran and have no skimmed milk powder left! Yikes!

Desperately need to go shopping but will be at college again until 9. De.Pressing!!


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