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Not sure what day it is, Monday?


So after a weekend of sandwiches, pizza and mini eggs I’m back…. I should have taken more advantage!!

My appetite isn’t 100% there yet so I should actually take advantage of that.

I’m up about 2 lbs but there you go.

Valentines Day:

I did quite well all day, still haven’t got much of an appetite.. Had my oat bran porridge which exploded in the microwave so only got about 2 teaspoons of it haha!

Then I have a fat-free vanilla yoghurt, and when I got home we had a homemade curry, naan bread, mango chutney (oh yum!) and then a cadburys microwave pudding. Was so delicious and not very Dukan. Oops

Well, it was Valentines day so I’m giving myself a break. Really want to start seeing the weight go down again every morning, it really motivated me to carry on.

So, as from today I am continuing – or starting again – with the Dukan diet.

Today, 15th Feb I have had my porridge and a lemon with hot water and I have a yoghurt for later. Bit naughty I should have brought some more food with me but was unprepared and well, lazy. And hoping I wont get hungry!!

I bought an electric whisk which I havent used yet, apart from in my dream last night. Strange.

I also bought a loaf tin, so can make meatloaf and not ‘meatflat’,  and I will attempt some Dukan bread tonight too. Wish me luck!

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