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Day 9

Ahh, day 9. This morning I was down almost 2 lbs, 1lb 14 oz!!

Total weight loss: 6.03 lbs

Feel like crap as have a cold but will do my best not to eat anything I’m not allowed.

Breakfast: porridge with skimmed milk (2tbps oat bran)

To break the monotony of my blog, I found this hilarious article:


Lunch: one scrambled egg and some ham. Not feeling well and have lost my appetite.  Have booked tomorrow off work as holiday so I can get better. (Long story, don’t get paid for sick at the moment – too many sick days, which in my defence, if the stupid idiots at work who come in with the flu just to keep their records clean stayed at home, I’d be much better off)
At least I won’t get in trouble!! Or feel guilty.  I do hope they are very busy tomorrow though HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
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