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Day 2

Yipee I have lost 1 lb!!

Was difficult last night, really wanted to snack on something but didn’t give in.

Breakfast: dukan pancake, added sweetener this time, and it tasted a lot nicer! Also a cup of hot water with half a lemon juiced. Not supposed to have this in the first 2 phases,but I really want the vitamins as always catching everything that goes around!

Snack: Boiled egg with a little bit of salt, cup of tea.

Lunch: Shirataki noodles with pepper and sweet chilli sauce (only about 15 calories in the sauce) and 2 tuna steaks.

Getting a bit obsessed with reading anything I can find out about the Dukan diet and really need to get on with my work!! Will look for some new recipes and try them out.

Lunch is filling me up as I eat it. It’s the first time I have tried the Shirataki noodles I bought, they’re quite hot with the sauce and pepper. You can tell they are tasteless otherwise though.

Not really liking the texture actually….but need to carry on or I’ll be hungry later.

Ugh, really don’t like the noodles…while I’m chewing I want to spit them out.

1pm: Couldn’t finish the noodles unfortunately. And someone has just brought packets of donuts into the office, but this happens a few times a week and I’ve resisted 95% of the time before starting this diet so I should be ok.

Don’t want to cave on the 2nd day! Will be hard this evening as I go to college two nights a week after work and haven’t brought enough food I don’t think. May have to quickly stop off at home to get a few slices of ham.

Nipped home for some ham and got a can of diet coke too.

After college I cooked some chicken for tomorrow, ate a little bit of it and a slice of ham.  Had a hot water with lemon before bed.

Felt really tired and a bit sick while I was cooking, but that passed once I finally sat down at 10pm.

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