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The (real) Beginning Attack Phase, 6 days

The (real) Beginning – Attack Phase 6 days

Ok, it begins today. I did alright at the weekend and then treated myself to a chinese last night haha!!! Also bought some weighing scales. I think I have lost about 3lbs since last week, but I’m starting with todays weight.

Monday 30th January 2012

Breakfast: Dukan pancake and a bit of bacon with fat trimmed off, using fry light. A black coffee and a boiled egg. I think it’s because it’s the first real day, I just feel starving!

Lunch: Wasn’t too organised last night so just had 3 slices of ham, some water and another boiled egg.

Need to get to the shops for some basil, onions and stuff like that. You can also use vinegar, balsamic vinegar etc for flavour.

Snack: fat-free vanilla yoghurt

500ml water, need to keep hydrated!

4.30 pm: feeling hungry and tired, can’t wait to get home! Drinking more water….

Dinner: Steak with onions and a sauce made from fromage frais and mustard.

Also had a couple of slices of ham and some fat-free yoghurt.

Hopefully that’s it for the night…really hoping for a weight loss in the morning!

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